Dundee Hills is where Oregon Pinot Noir first won its global reputation. Dundee Hills wine will likely taste silky, or like my husband likes to say - "sexy wines". Dundee "Red Hills" gets its name from the red clay that characterizes the region, located in the very heart of the Willamette Valley in Oregon.  
Villa Milagro Dundee is located in in this beautiful region. Villa Milagro highlights the wine varietals of the region in detail to fully immerse yourself into the wine experience. It is the perfect set up for adult entertaining, made up of two separate rentals (Casa Milagro and Red Hills Flat) that can be rented together for larger accommodations.
Surrounded by vineyards and tasting rooms, it will make your wine tasting encounter unforgettable. We want you to feel happy and joyful during your stay and have thought of every detail. The house is furnished with high standards to make your stay extremely comfortable that you wish you didn't have to go. It is a quiet neighborhood but very close to the activities that Dundee has to offer. You will find welcoming and friendly people all around the area, and will encounter one of the many families of deer walking through the yards. We truly want to make your experience extraordinary. 
"You have done a brilliant job with the decor and all the thoughtful touches you added throughout the home.  If I rented this home, I would be THRILLED upon arrival."  
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2 properties  

3 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Sleeps 3-6
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4 Bedrooms • 3 Baths • Sleeps 2-10
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Casa Milagro and Red Hills Flat make up Villa Milagro Dundee

Perfect setting when rented together. 
Ideal for a large party, a couple who likes their own space; or for in-laws who love to vacation together but like their quiet time too.
CASA MILAGRO the Main house is a 2,243 sq ft single level.
RED HILLS FLAT a 782 sq. ft. unit. It can be added space if you are renting the main house at a fraction of the cost.

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Good wine is meant to be shared with friends in a bright, joyful space. Come and enjoy!!